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Lily Ponds Cottage

Absolutely no smoking, no pets, no fires, [no barbecues without approval due to dry conditions].

This is the best kept secret in the world of getaways!  It's totally private, located on its private pond with its full-time resident of a great blue heron.  Weather is always wonderful here: not too warm, not too cold, wonderful in rain or shine!

Featured amenities in Lily Ponds Cottage:

Non-smoking house
King Memory Foam and Queen sleeper sofa  [can sleep up to 5]
Air conditioning / heat / fireplaces
Benches, swings
Gourmet cookware, coffee maker
Refrigerator, stove, microwave, dishwasher
Temperature controlled with thermostat
Clock radio with alarm
Complementary  breakfast items in fridge: eggs, bacon, orange juice, rolls
60 acres of woodland trails on wildlife refuge
Iron and ironing board, Hair dryer
Large porch
Gated entrance: Curly Q Ranch
Well stocked extras: tea, hot chocolate, popcorn, etc.
Wildlife observation balconies
Lily Pond dock with swing
Bidet [warm toilet seat with adjustable shower], Dual shower-head

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The loveliest of words by Hannah:


Lily Pond


Sparse trees, tall and thin, loom over the pond.  Squirrels chatter.  Cicadas sing.  Birds twitter.  Lily pads, the slick green of a frog’s back, float across the pond.  The glassy surface of the murky water ripples as a bullfrog springs, leaping from his own little raft to a different lily pad, this one studded with a white jewel.  Dark pines rustle.  A gnarled tree, blazing a brilliant emerald, gazes silently at the wrinkling water with hidden eyes, cloaked with foliage.  All is well, nothing amiss.  It seems the serenity will last forever.  Everlasting bliss, always perfect…  When thunder rumbles in the distance, shattered peace stills the song of nature’s children as gray storm clouds, striking and fierce against the blue of the day, snake across the sky, devouring the pure of the white clouds with dirty ash-stained gray.  Silence.  Suddenly, rain, warm, swift rain, lashes out at Lily Pond, pelting the trees.  But the storm only lasts seconds.  In a heartbeat, the ground becomes the muddy color of damp earth.  The slicked-down grass is laden with a burden of rain.  The trees drip softly.  And a ray of vibrant golden sunlight breaks through the ugly clouds, pooling around the cottage.  Soon, a cardinal, his crimson feathers heavy with raindrops, shakes the water from his wings and begins to call.

DISCLAIMER:  Rain at Lily Pond is really quite gentle and soothing.  When I heard the rumble of thunder on the horizon, I just assumed it would be like it is at my house.  It isn’t.  The pitter-patter of the softly falling rain can make one drowsy, though!




Feathery scales the color of emeralds,

Changing from brown to green,

Tongues flicking,

Tails twitching,

Beauty only few have seen.

Mosquitoes there,

And then they aren’t,

Eaten by the lizard.

Tongue placed in its sheath,

Now crawling under a leaf,

The green anole lizard goes to sleep.

Leave your stress behind and immerse yourself in the heavenly haven of Lily Ponds Cottage!
Bluebonnet Cabin and Lily Ponds Cottage
These getaways in the natural setting of Curly Q Ranch Refuge are favorites for travelers seeking a beautiful, romantic destination. Both Lily Ponds Cottage and Bluebonnet Cabin feature gourmet dining by arrangement with our two renowned chefs, complimentary homemade bread, and a luxuriously appointed complete house. You can enjoy an early morning cup of coffee on your private balcony surrounded by woods and oh so much more!

These vacation rentals by owner give so much bang for the buck.  The aroma of warm baked bread greets each guest.  Freshly pressed sheets provide great comfort on the line of mattresses offered by Antique Bed Mattress.  These Texas ranch vacation rentals can be booked by the day, week, or month.

The following rates are based on single or double occupancy.  Extra guests are $50 each per night.

LILY PONDS COTTAGE: [smaller, completely in the woods, great pond view]

$200:   one weekend night for one or two [each extra guest: $30]
$160:   two or more week nights for one or two [each extra guest: $30 per night]
$180:   one week night for one or two [each extra guest: $30 per night]
$180:   two weekend or holiday nights for one or two [each extra guest: $30 per night]
$800:   one week for one or two [each extra guest: $30 per night]
$2200: one month for one or two [each extra guest: $30 per night], $200 deposit, refundable if left in the same condition at check-in.  I clean the bathroom once a week.]

6% lodging tax
Credit cards accepted along with checks or cash

Check-in time: 2:00 p.m. unless with prior approval
Check-out time: noon

No pets.

No fishing at Lily Pond [It's a water lily garden, a natural ecosystem.]

No campfires unless pre-approved

Driver's license and credit card photocopied upon arrival

Contact Linda at 713-822-5038 or